Problem installing 8.1.16 under Fedora 25: ninja: error: '../man/archive' missing

I’ve tried to installed latest devel version, in a Fedora 25, and it says :

ninja: error: '../man/archive', needed by 'man/lib/prologpack.tex', missing and no known rule to make it

libarchive-devel is installed:

[root@localhost media]# dnf install libarchive-devel
Última comprobación de caducidad de metadatos hecha hace 0:11:06, el Sat Nov 30 09:23:44 2019.
El paquete libarchive-devel-3.2.2-2.fc25.x86_64 ya se encuentra instalado, omitiendo.

(libarchive is installed )

What can I do?
many thanks.

Did you install libarchive-devel after this error occurred? After installing a new dependency you must as cmake to re-run the related config tests. The simplest way us to remove CMakeCache.txt and restart the build freshly.

Thanks for the fast response.

I’ve just deleted CMakeCache.txt , I’ve just rerun

and then
[m@localhost build]$ ninja
ninja: error: ‘…/man/archive’, needed by ‘man/lib/prologpack.tex’, missing and no known rule to make it

as you can see some files of archive seem to be there:

[root@localhost media]# rpm -ql libarchive-devel

any clue ?

Not really. I suspect either stuff left around from an earlier broken build or some failing test that prevents using libarchive. The libarchive interface is around for a long time and has seen many versions of libarchive. Fedora 25 is pretty old and officially end-of-life since December 2017. Possibly CMake is too old?

I see some ways out. I’d first make sure all build products are gone. Are you building from a tar archive or a git clone? Was the git clone used to compile earlier versions? In that case use git clean, also in the submodules. With a clean environment, log the CMake output and see what it has to say about libarchive.