Problems saving SWISH notes

I’ve hit a snag where when I try to update a notebook I’m writing in SWISH I get a “Permission denied. Please try a different name” error.

Previous ones I’ve done, eg didn’t give that problem (once I learned that putting a short sentence in the “Changes” box was mandatory).

But one I’m currently working at at refuses to save unless I keep changing the name to htdp1.swinb or whatever. I’ve no idea what I’m doing differently to the previous ones that worked.

Any ideas what causes this glitch?

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I ran into the same problem. I don’t know if it helps you, but my solution was to download the notebook, upload it on GitHub, and preload swish with the GitHub file; i.e. using a link:<link to your GitHub raw>
Kind regards, JCR


This was due to a bug which has been fixed by @jan as explained at

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