Problems with Sweep

I’m trying to set up Sweep, but getting an error whenever I put a Prolog in sweeprolog-mode. When I run M-x sweeprolog-mode, I get this error over and over while the sweeprolog-mode buffer is focused. It stops when the buffer loses focus and resumes again when it regains focus:

Loading c:/Program Files/swipl/bin/sweep-module.dll (module)...
Error during redisplay: (eval (when (sweeprolog-buffer-loaded-since-last-modification-p) "/Loaded")) signaled (module-open-failed "c:/Program Files/swipl/bin/sweep-module.dll" "The specified module could not be found.")

I’ve set the sweeprolog-swipl-path variable with this code:

(setq sweeprolog-swipl-path "C:/Program Files/swipl/bin/swipl.exe")

The confusing part, is that I’ve confirmed that the file c:/Program Files/swipl/bin/sweep-module.dll exists, so I am at a complete lost.

How do I fix this?

Hi there!

The error saying The specified module could not be found comes from Windows’ RunDLL AFAIU, can you please share some more details about your setup? Namely, how you installed SWI-Prolog and Emacs.

Apologies for the late response.

SWI-Prolog was installed from the websites download page. Emacs I got from the website, I believe.

Would these both be the respective latest versions? Also, did you install Sweep from ELPA or another source?
I’m asking about the specifics of your setup because I want to try and reproduce the issue here, in order to investigate it.

They should be the latest versions, but I can’t check right now. Remind me, what does ELPA stand for again? I believe I simply ran a command and it installed Sweep.