Prolog in a browser: state of the art?

Looking into building a web application with prolog, I’d like to know:

  • Is the webasm runtime of SWI-Prolog bundled with the official prolog distribution, and if so, where are they located?
  • Is there a “user manual” to get started with SWI-Prolog running in a web browser?
  • What is your experience with prolog in the browser? i.e. is it usable for practical purposes?
    Thanks for any feedback
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As is, I doubt it is very usable. It typically builds using emscripten and a recent version of the development source. It is surely the plan to make it a properly supported version. I can’t promise when though. This will only change if someone is serious about getting this to work or we can pay someone to make it work.

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Thanks for this feedback.
So, for now, I will have to revert to a more practical solution.
I guess that delegating computations to pengines on my server could be an acceptable choice?
BTW, what would be the cost/effort to a generally available webasm runtime of swipl? And how reliable could this one be?