RDF in unit tests


I have a number of datasets (that I do not control) represented in RDF. To ensure the integrity of the data I wrote a number of predicates that identify issues if they exists (e.g. missing values, duplicate values, reference errors etc). To test the correct functioning of these predicates I use manually crafted RDF files that contains the errors I want to identify.

The error identifying predicates have grown numerous over time, and I’d like to automate their testing by moving them to a Unit Test. However, I am not sure how to load and query my manually crafted RDF (with errors) in the unit test, in such a way that it is isolated from the “production” RDF datasets. Does anyone have experience with this and some hints how this can be done (relatively easily)?

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Are you aware of qlf (Quick Load File) file type?

Timing examples

Are you aware of library(persistency): Provide persistent dynamic predicates?

Are you aware of plt (Polog Test File).

As I don’t know the exact details or your problem, these are just concepts to look at that are not commonly known.