Real's 500th + RealOS

Announcement RE: Real’s 500th + RealOS

It was great to see pack(real) crossing the 500th download recently.
Still no idea what most people are using it for.

True to logic programming herd instincts there only have been a handful of
citations. Thanks to Jan for being co-author to two of them.

The primary citation for Real is

Advances in integrative statistics for logic programming
Nicos Angelopoulos, Samer Abdallah and Georgios Giamas
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, (IJAR)
Volume 78, November 2016, pages 103-115. [j.ijar.2016.06.008],[bib]

the secondary citation (Real 1.0) is

Integrative functional statistics in logic programming.
Nicos Angelopoulos, Vitor Costa Santos, Joao Azevedo, Jan Wielemaker, Rui Camacho and Lodewyk Wessels
In Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL’13)
January, 2013. Rome, Italy.

Comments about what you use Real for are welcome either here, or
privately in the address posted in this page:

To celebrate the 500th download I created RealOS, a data analytics desktop OS for Raspberry 4, containing

  • Ubuntu 20.10 server
  • MATE desktop
  • SWI-Prolog (from github sources, 8.3.19)
  • R (from stable sources, 4.0.4)
  • Real (pack enabling SWI to call R)
  • Prolog code documentation web-server
  • packs for Linux scripting

You can install the image on a Raspberry pi 4 and start enjoying a sub $100, environmental world-class
data analytics desktop experience. Even for SWI-Prolog vanilla users this should be a low-barrier taster
for moving to a non-proprietry OS platform.

download: Index of /~nicos/sware/packs/realos

Nicos Angelopoulos

PS. there was a typo on the link, which is corrected now.
Thanks to G.H. for letting me know.