REST API implementation -- a working example


I am looking to implement a REST API to make predicates callable from the outside, to help me get started i am looking for a small complete example – i searched but didn’t find yet any.

Is there perhaps an example out there that i could look at, to learn from …

Edit: Btw, has there been some interfacing efforts with Kotlin – while its a Java VM language it has some special constructions for external extensions.



You don’t really want to use a REST API for that, do you? I would have thought that a REST API is if you want to not actually have the whole RPC thing?

Hi Boris,

I am looking mirror a REST API provided by another product, in order to reimplement it in Prolog.


Have you already examined Sam Neaves’ Reactome Pengine ? Maybe too complex for an easy start, but Sam has demonstrated a genuine interest for Prolog, and he has been active on this list. So, what could be better than that ?

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In case it’s useful, I have a sample Javascript client talking to a swipl server (using javascript fetch, so I think it’s standard HTTP and JSON).

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