Running pengines non sandboxed


I know I can run pengines non-sandboxed, but not sure how to do it.

(yes, know about tthe security implications, handled).


I did something like that previously as follows:

:- multifile pengines:authentication_hook/3.

pengines:authentication_hook(_Request, todo_db_app, User) :-
    logged_in(User), !.
pengines:authentication_hook(_Request, todo_db_app, _User) :-

:- multifile pengines:not_sandboxed/2.

pengines:not_sandboxed(_User, todo_db_app).

:- multifile pengines:prepare_goal/3.

pengines:prepare_goal(G, G, _Opts) :-
    functor(G, Func, Arity),
    memberchk(Func-Arity, [add_todo-2,
pengines:prepare_goal(_, fail, _).

Thanks! I’ll do this against localhost origin means logged in.


To remove sandboxing, either enable forced login (config-available/, use (a variant) of for using SWISH as a local secondary IDE or, if you want a public service with some additional features, write a library providing these features and declare the API as safe.
Also make sure it is safe :slight_smile:

P.s. The Docker for SWISH is quite far behind. Badly needs a version update.

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Update: Tagged latest SWISH with version 1.2.0 and pushed a new Docker image.

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not running swish. This is an independent service on back end (wrapper for Large Knowledge Collider)