s(CASP) crashes with --html option

I’m using the latest version of s(CASP) from GitHub with SWI Prolog.

This works: ./scasp --human --tree examples/family.pl

But this crashes: ./scasp --human --tree --html=- examples/family.pl

ERROR: /tmp/sCASP/prolog/scasp/main.pl:37: scasp_main:main Type error: text' expected, found library(‘scasp/web/css/scasp.css’)’ (a compound)
ERROR: [23] access_file(library(‘scasp/web/css/scasp.css’),exist)
ERROR: [22] casp_lang_en:scasp_message(source_not_found(library(‘scasp/web/css/scasp.css’)),_886,_888) at /tmp/sCASP/prolog/scasp/lang/en.pl:32
ERROR: [21] prolog:message(scasp(source_not_found(…)),[‘s(CASP): ‘-|_950],_936) at /tmp/sCASP/prolog/scasp/messages.pl:78
ERROR: [20] translate_message(scasp(source_not_found(…)),[‘s(CASP): ‘-|_1004],) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/messages.pl:115
ERROR: [19] print_message_guarded(error,scasp(source_not_found(…))) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/messages.pl:1950
ERROR: [18] ignore(’$messages’:print_message_guarded(error,…)) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/init.pl:547
ERROR: [17] setup_call_catcher_cleanup(’$messages’:push_msg(…,),‘$messages’:ignore(…),_1126,‘$messages’:pop_msg()) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/init.pl:679
ERROR: [15] print_message(error,scasp(source_not_found(…))) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/messages.pl:1921
ERROR: [14] scasp_main:error(error(existence_error(source_sink,…),context(…,_1254))) at /tmp/sCASP/prolog/scasp/main.pl:92
ERROR: [13] catch(scasp_main:(…,…),error(existence_error(source_sink,…),context(…,_1318)),scasp_main:error(…)) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/init.pl:565
ERROR: [12] catch_with_backtrace(‘<garbage_collected>’,‘<garbage_collected>’,‘<garbage_collected>’) at /usr/lib/swi-prolog/boot/init.pl:645
ERROR: Note: some frames are missing due to last-call optimization.
ERROR: Re-run your program in debug mode (:- debug.) to get more detail.

Any ideas?

Works fine for me using the sCASP HEAD and SWI-Prolog 9.1.17. What Prolog version are you using?

SWI-Prolog version 9.0.4 for x86_64-linux
This is the version in Debian Stable.

Works fine too. I do have an idea though. Did you (not) install scasp as a Prolog pack? In that case it is not accessible as Prolog library and it cannot find the scasp.css file as it searches that through the library. I should not :frowning: But, if the above holds, all should work after going to the scasp main directory and type

?- pack_install(.).

Thanks a lot, Jan, that fixed the problem! (No, I just typed make to create the scasp binary.)