Sandbox declaration needed to executed tabled code in Windows hosted swish

I get this error

No permission to call sandboxed `‘$get_predicate_attribute’(_1550,_1542,_1544)’
Reachable from:

when running the argumentation framework notebook (that is, on a Windows10 hosted swish instance (swipl.exe upgraded to development version 8.1.21).

Could be that the versione 8.1.21-67-gc08d28d, (built from source on Ubuntu and executing the notebook without problems) added the sandbox declaration I’m missing ?

I’ve been unable to find out (on Ubuntu) the relevant details.

As far as I recall, support for not_exists/1 for sandboxing was indeed added later.

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Thanks Jan
I found at line of 858 of the declaration safe_meta('$tabling':not_exists(G), [G]).