Setup package installed from github?

Installed APE directly from github and now I have to do this before I use it :

 assert(user:file_search_path(pack, '/home/xxxxx/.local/share/swi-prolog/pack/APE/prolog/')).

and if I then try to use :

 use_module(utils/drs_to_ace, [drs_to_ace/2]).

it doesnt work, I have to do […full-path…] to load it.

What config changes and where I have to do to make it work as normally installed package ??

this seem to work, but is it correct way ?

:- assert(user:file_search_path(pack, '/home/xxxxx/.local/share/swi-prolog/pack/APE/prolog/')).
:- use_module(library(ape)).
:- use_module(pack(utils/drs_to_ace), [drs_to_ace/2]).