Simple Prolog server with JavaScript client

For more examples of SWI-Prolog HTTP servers see the GitHub repository

SWI-Prolog Ludum Dare Teams

These are simple, easy to understand, practical at the same time and blessed with Anne’s touch.

Some also use library(pengines) which is nice if you need examples for them.


Anne’s tutorial is a bit out of date – amongst other things, it doesn’t use library(http/http_server).

@jan Perhaps add a pointer to GitHub - kamahen/swipl-server-js-client: Sample SWI-Prolog server with JavaScript client and the items that @EricGT mentioned?
(I wrote swipl-server-js-client to clarify things to myself that I couldn’t easily figure out from Anne’s tutorial.)

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Hi Peter. I met difficulties to use your swipl-server on my personal blog because of two reasons

  1. I do not know how localhost:9999 (for example) can be translate for a website with apache2
  2. I did not succeed with https and Prolog, in spite of the documentation.

Not so easy, … for me. :frowning: