Sometimes you just can't get an exact match on an SWI-Prolog error message

Short answer: Check

In tyring to locate the source of this error message

% The following threads wouldn't die: ['httpd@8080_1']

First searched GitHub for The following threads wouldn't die with no luck.

Then Googled for The following threads wouldn't die which a few entries down listed swipl/ at cb3c3352e8158fc2f79ed64ba24091895dc9baad · SWI-Prolog/swipl · GitHub had the error message as

prolog_message(threads_not_died(Running)) -->
    [ 'The following threads wouldn\'t die: ~p'-[Running] ].

which explains why finding the message was a bit hard.

git grep also does miracles :slight_smile: The actual cause is hinted at with halt/1: threads are aborted and joined, but those not responding within a second are forcefully cancelled. Typically is because they are running foreign code that does not do signal processing.

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