SWI-Prolog documentation site: How do I reach page "Pack lambda -- prolog/lambda.pl"?

This may be a silly question, but:

How do I reach this page about “Pack lambda – prolog/lambda.pl” with URL


for example from the SWI-Prolog library page:


Maybe it’s a dead page and it is not supposed to be reachable?

I don’t understand. The libpl page is generated from the LaTeX docs of the core system. That is not going to point at packs. Which page is supposed to be (un)reachable?

Sorry for the confusion.

What I mean is, if I search for “swi prolog lambda” on DuckDuckGo ( https://duckduckgo.com/?t=ffsb&q=swi+prolog+lambda&ia=web ) then I find the link to


on the first page of results (“Pack lambda – prolog / lambda.pl”)

But where does it fit in with the SWI-Prolog documentation? It doesn’t seem to be reachable through the menu system, or even by searching.

In the menu, if you go to Download -> Add-ons you’ll get to this link:


Where all the packs (including lambda) are listed.