SWI-Prolog Solutions b.v

Dear SWI-Prolog user,

In September this year (2020) I have started a company named SWI-Prolog
Solutions b.v.
Increased focus on stability and scalability of
SWI-Prolog and the desire to get into closer contact with real world
projects caused me to prefer a commercial context over an academic one.
Covid-19, causing the physical part of the academic environment to cease
functioning, made the step easier. I do remain associated with the VU
(Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam as a guest.

SWI-Prolog Solutions b.v. will continue to develop and support
SWI-Prolog under the BSD-2 open source license. SWI-Prolog Solutions
b.v. will establish a context that makes SWI-Prolog a more attractive
choice for professional projects which may be either commercial or
research projects. As a first step I’d like to establish contact with
and between professional users. Possible follow ups:

  • Join resources to get things done. “Things” can be technical
    improvement, improved release management, improved documentation,
    tools, etc. “Join resources” can be financial as well as in kind.

  • SWI-Prolog Solutions involvement to help with your project. Think
    about architectural choices as well as indentifying and resolving
    bottlenecks. SWI-Prolog provides many extensions that may simplify
    your project a lot. Sometimes small enhancements are needed to make
    this work (effectively) for your project.

  • Organize dedicated training.

  • Consider a (paid) membership plan with levels that provide support,
    assistance and influence on prioritizing development.

Exactly how SWI-Prolog Solutions b.v is going to operate is still an open question. If you care about continuity/development/support/…, or think you have valuable input please respond using a Discourse private message or send a mail to info@swi-prolog.com. Responses will be handled as confidential.

Regards --- Jan