Swish and edit with emacs for chrome

I use the “edit with emacs” chrome extension
(https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/edit-with-emacs/ljobjlafonikaiipfkggjbhkghgicgoh?hl=en). When I am in a text box on a website I can press ‘alt and enter’ and it opens
an emacs frame for editing the text. Then I can close the emacs
frame with C-c C-c and the texts get inserted back into the text box
on the website.

However this does not work with SWISH for some reason… it would be
really handy if it did! As the extension does not seem to recognise
the box where you enter your code as a text box.

Does anyone know a solution to this?

No. If you want to find something, search for CodeMirror, which is the underlying editor. Possibly it has some plugin to make this work. In that case I’m happy to add that to SWISH.

Ok I will have a look around for that - thanks :slight_smile: