SWISH R currently broken?

Trying A <- 2+2. in the little window on the right bottom, I get:

Unknown error term: sisocks_error(-1,'connection refused')
   [6] r_open(_1624,[host('/home/rserve/socket'),...])
   [5] rserve:r_open_hook($,_1690) at /scratch/swish/src/swish/pack/rserve_client/prolog/r/r_call.pl:373
   [4] <meta call>
   [3] r_eval($,"options(width=105)",_1742) <foreign>
   [1] r_call:r_execute([],[50,32|...],_1802) at /scratch/swish/src/swish/pack/rserve_client/prolog/r/r_call.pl:235

Note: some frames are missing due to last-call optimization.
Re-run your program in debug mode (:- debug.) to get more detail.

The Docker image providing R was lost in a system upgrade. I’ve started a rebuild. Will take a little while, even if nothing goes wrong …

edit: up and running again. Thanks for the report!