here: https://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= is a paper which mentioned future work with SWI Prolog will be related to SWRL beside other things. What is the state about this? I know there is extra distributed Thea package, but I can not use it (at code level) because of the GPL. So I’m seeking for a lightweight SWI package which covers OWL DL (or OWL light) and SWRL.
The context is to read in parts of a OWL provided by other teams in the project and do some queries on it.



Good questions. For Thea you can of course contact the authors and see what they think about a less restrictive license. There is a pack called trill that does related things. There is also code that translates OWL into a tabled Prolog program. Some of that is in Thea. I also found that in the OpenRuleBench project. The code might have the same root.

Then there is something called the DIG interface that most DL reasoners implement. There surely has been a SWI-Prolog client floating around. No clue about its status or whereabouts.

I guess it mostly depends on what you really need. For example, do you need subclass relationship reasoning? Or do you only need A-box reasoning (does this individual satisfy some OWL description?). Do you need all of OWL or just some pieces? Many subsets of OWL are quite easily translated (automatically) into Prolog or tabled Prolog. Never worked with SWRL. As far as I know it should easily translate to (tabled) Prolog.

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