TerminusDB White Paper

New white paper about the design of TerminusDB - graph store written in SWI-Prolog.

PDF here


Very interesting … thank you.

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Alas, running (after building) from source gives a compatibility error.

% Started server at http://localhost:6363/

% Welcome to TerminusDB's terminus-server! 
% You can view your server in a browser at 'http://tts:6363/console' 

ERROR: Run TerminusDB using SWI-Prolog version 8.1.11 or 8.1.10 or 8.0.3, you are on 8.1.19

Not sure how to downgrade…

falco’s swivm makes changing versions simple

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True, but given the fast cycle of the devel versions it might be wise to only demand a minimum versions if your software is known to misbehave on older versions and give a mild warning when encountering a version on which your software was not tested. In 99% of the cases it will run just fine using the latest devel version. Something like “TerminusDB was not tested on this version of SWI-Prolog. Please report issues at …”

Thanks for sharing!


TerminusDB’s suggested version is 8.0.3 (stable)

Just noticed that terminus can also be used directly from within swi-prolog.


I am curious – what is TerminusDB’s business model ?