Test failures on swipl-devel

I just updated my checkout of swipl-devel to the latest master (c1f42a50c681d45a027ed989dd89d1e65c98410b), did a “clean” build (deleted the build folder, re-ran cmake), but ctest has some failures.

The following tests FAILED:
	 39 - clib:socket (Failed)
	 41 - clib:udp_sockets (Failed)
	 44 - http:json (Failed)
	 47 - http:http (Failed)
	 49 - http:proxy (Failed)
	 50 - http:websocket (Failed)
	 55 - pengines:pengines (Failed)
	 72 - zlib:zlib (Failed)
	 77 - ssl:ssl (Failed)

Full test log here

I note that the failures all seem to do with sockets…some include path thing I need to set?

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Oops. Seems IPv6 changes break MacOS :frowning: It is not my day …


Pushed a fix. Git version should be fine again. I’ll see what to do tomorrow. Probably need a new release :frowning: