This ray of sunshine discovered in swipl documentaation

This ray of sunshine discovered in swipl documentaeation

~~~ kintalken ~~~

I think the strange tag is meant to be a link to the Coverage Checker. It is a useful tool!
Also of note is the test wizard for auto-generating unit tests.

I have been wondering for the longest of time, what is your setup that produces/uses the kind of markup you post to forums? If it isn’t a secret of course.

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Me? It’s just good old fashioned Markdown. Here’s a cheat-sheet. You can type it manually, it’s easy to learn, and widely supported.

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For this site which runs on Discourse see: Post format reference documentation

Sorry for the noise, @EricGT and @PaulBrownMagic, the question was meant for our old friend Kintalken aka @zhCX. Ignore me.

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