Tracing all solutions in SWISH

I am not able to trace all the solutions to a query in Swish:
With the program


and the query

?- trace, mother(a,X).

I just get

Call:mother(a, _3594)
 Exit:mother(a, a1)

How could I trace the second solution?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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I tried to answer this but found out that I can not.

In checking found the menu Help -> Debugging which does not cover the use of more results as in the question.

I started to check the source code, but not being familiar with the SWISH source code could not quickly understand it.

A hack would be:

?- trace, mother(a,X), fail.
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Using workaround by Ian.


This was created by

  1. Running the goal as noted by Ian by clicking image
  2. Clicking image until false is returned.

Ok, thanks!

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