Unexpected warning: new foreach/2 code

I am getting the following unexpected warning:

Warning: The predicates below are not defined. If these are defined
Warning: at runtime using assert/1, use :- dynamic Name/Arity.
Warning: '$unbind_template'/1, which is referenced by
Warning: 	/tmp/swipl-devel/build.release/home/library/aggregate.pl:601:4: 2-nd clause of prove_list/3

I think it comes from the new foreach/2 code.

That is correct. (ref)

Jan W. will probably want a repex if you can make one. :grinning:

Sure. Suggests you are using the new library with an old core Prolog system. That doesn’t work.

I had done a git pull and then ninja. To clear it up I had to run ninja clean;ninja.

Very odd. Changes to the C code are typically properly picked up. The only issue I’m aware of is the automatic update of the version info based on git that often requires to run ninja twice to get the version reported by SWI-Prolog in sync with the git repo.

If you ever manage to reproduce this, please share.

Sure, I have not seen it since I did ninja clean.