Using prolog/0 instead of gtrace/0 when prolog_trace_interception/4 used. Can variables be accessed?

When prolog_trace_interception/4 is used, gtrace/0 can not be used as it overwrites the asserted prolog_trace_interception/4 clause.

Adding prolog/0 into the source code to gain access to an active top level at the point in the code does not overwrite the asserted prolog_trace_interception/4 clause.

One nice feature of gtrace/0 is the ability to inspect variables at that point in the code. However using prolog/0 I was hoping that entering write(Some_variable) at the prompt ?- would show the value for the variable but it does not.

Is there some way to see the values of such variables?

Note: Currently I am using lots of debug/3 statements but it would be much easier to just do what I need from a command prompt as that is much more verstile.