What is this? \css and \js Something with library(http/http_server)?

In looking at this example code from @CapelliC

home_page(_Request) :-
        [ title('cyajax test'),
        [ div([
            input([id=run_cyajax,type=button,value='run cyajax']),
            div([id=host_cy],'host cy')

css --> html(style('
	#host_cy {
	  height: 400px;
	  width: 400px;
	  background-color: lime;

it was natural to look for phrase/2,3 in the code. However phrase/2,3 is not used directly so in searching for what would be activating the DCG was thinking it was html//1, specifically

\ Term
Invoke the non-terminal Term in the calling module. This is the common mechanism to realise abstraction and modularisation in generating HTML.

but was not sure.

Yup, exactly; reply_html_page/2 uses html//1, in which \Term invokes the DCG Term.

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