What kind of error?

ERROR: Unknown error term: http_open_error(error(io_error(read,<stream>(0x2c6c500)),context(system:get_code/2,'Inappropriate ioctl for device')))

When http_post the following error appears

Hard to say. Looks like a misleading error. To say something meaningful I’d at least need version, OS, HTTP(S), and ideally a place to connect to that produces this. Considering it relates to get_code/2, I’d suspect an SSL error that is not correctly propagated.

I would like to understand how to properly handle the error?

        http_post(Url, json([]), Reply, [status_code(StatusCode), request_header('Authorization'=Auth)]),

I don’t really care about the error, I’d just like to continue further

Using catch/3 is fine I’d say, but why do you rethrow the error?

I thought I’d throw an exception and someone would handle it

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Someone meaning Jan? Using an existentially quantified expression in place of a definite description? Or a proper name to be more accurate :sweat_smile: (Excuse me for the philosophical lexicon…)