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Bug hunting toolbox

This one reads like a collection of random things that might be useful. I think it should be formatted and written to read like a book on how to hunt bugs in Prolog. Agree? Disagree?


Currently it is a random collection and I do agree that it needs formatting.

The post is a wiki so you can edit it all you want. Please do. :smiley:

Formatting and converting the wiki topics into useful readable topics is on my list, and was from the beginning, but at present just dropping the items in radomly is better than not having them anywhere and when it does come time to format them, no one has to spend time looking for the items, they are all there for the most part.

Working together on this site to create wiki pages for use by others

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Anybody have questions about Bug hunting that could use clarifying? I could spend a couple months writing a book on the topic, but I don’t have that much time, so a more focused request I can maybe serve.