Working together on this site to create wiki pages for use by others

Today the site granted me the wiki perk,

  • Make their own posts wiki (that is, editable by any Basic user)

I have an idea that I would like to try on this site to generate more meaningful documentation as linkable wiki pages for use on other sites such as PrologHub, SWI-Prolog manual, etc.

While not limited to this, but something that I also see of value is noted by @jan

From my perspective there is a huge need for more How to documentation, i.e., documentation that does not just state what some predicate does, but how it can be used (often together with related predicates) to solve some problem.

So with the perk I would like to start creating topics that are wiki so that the users here can cooperatively edit the content, and when the wiki topic is created a second topic is posted to discuss the wiki topic to keep it clean. When the wiki is satisfactory, the links can be posted.

Also if you don’t have the wiki perk but would like to see a wiki on something just mention it here and if it is reasonable I will start the wiki topics for you.

For those who don’t want to get notified of the chatter about these wiki topics, I checked and discourse is working on it.