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My English is not that good, but “last call optimization” is rather ambiguous. Is this the last time we do call optimization or do we optimize the last call?

I have never found fault with your English :grinning:, but then I do not have a degree in English, so I don’t see a need for it is not that good. I am sure if others did not know it was not your native language, they would not know. My English could be better but my spelling is horrendous.

Truthfully I never though of it as being ambiguous and I have no problem changing it to last-call optimization where it is last call optimization.

I will wait to other have had a chance to read this and reply before possibly making a change.

I know this was a year ago, but I thought someone should point out that your understanding of English is perfect here, and the hyphen serves exactly to disambiguate the phrase. (Similarly, a big-box store is likely not a big box-store.)