Windows, unit test fails for semweb:ntriples

Apparently, the Windows code still lives in 16-bit character string land.

test(escape, T == triple(a,b,literal('\U00012345'))) :-
    atom_triple('<a> <b> "\\U00012345" .', T).

As has already been reported in a different context:

Money quote: “Is there a special option or setting to make it work?” - “Insert a Linux USB stick into your computer.”

But seriously, @jan, what kind of work needs to be done and how much time will it take? I’d be willing to try (!) the first option, “…to abandon Windows wchar_t, replace all wcs routines with our own that use USC-4 and support UTF-16 I/O conversion.” Of course, I need a gentle introduction into the problem. Moreover, can the problem be cut in pieces of reasonable size, or is it necessary to change everything until swipl-win is working again?

Good question. I’ve written a quote for that quite a while ago. I have to recover the communication. It surely is a lot harder than the Linux USB stick :frowning: It would be nice to have this resolved. There are a lot of modern emoticons and interesting symbols in the space > 0xffff. I’ll get back to you.