A bad news: CHR mailing list is no longer accessible


The website told me that

You are not authorized to view the archives with the email address you used to log in.

BTW, I have spent a lot of time studying CHR (e.g. reading the papers, Frühwirth’s book playing with examples and exercises). It is a really interesting language, and I’ve never seen that before. Unfortunately, its mailing list (CHR Archives) is no longer accessible…


It seems the archives are still there. It might be merely a mistake that the archives are behind a password now. @TomSchrijvers has certainly been involved with this list and works in Leuven. Maybe he’ll pick this up.

You can simply register an account under “Register Password”. Then, you should have access to the mailing list archive. The last message is from June 2021, though.

Some time ago, I migrated the content of the old KU Leuven CHR website over to https://about.chrjs.net/. Maybe it’s time to create some activity and content in the CHR world again? :slight_smile:


I clicked the “Register Password” and reset my password.

Then received a confirm mail. I clicked the link provided by this email and login in, but still cannot access to the mailing list archive.

Hm, maybe we just broke it? :smiley:

Screenshot from 2022-02-09 18-42-24

Are you subscribed to the list? If not, you can subscribe to LISTSERV via plain email.

Yes, intuitionistic linear logic. In the CHR book (2009), Frühwirth explained the deep connection betwen intuitionistic linear logic and CHR (and also provides many useful references). In addition, CHR is not just connected to intuitionistic linear logic. It is also connected to other theories, e.g. actor model, join-calculus, petri-nets, term/graph rewriting systems, default reasoning, ECA system, etc.

BTW, I recently learned about Datalog Magic Template algorithm. I think this algorithm can be also easily implemented in CHR. It is an very expressive language indeed.

After subscribing, I can access to the mailing list archive now, thanks!

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