A small example of a maze from a file.txt, converted to a matrix (list of lists)

Hi everybody

Last week I studied about the package and installation in SWI-Prolog. A great progress since a last time that I had used the swipl.
I tried to use the matrix.pl and ffimatrix.pl (does not work … yet).

Finally, I decided to build by myself some predicates for a small problem.
Read a maze from a file.txt, convert to list of lists (a matrix for me),
applied a BFS to an agent y (you) find a e (exit or end).

Everything is reasonable documented in
(It was removed … see the explanation below)

So, I am in debt with Jan, Fabrizio and others that help me last Friday night. Here my gratitude for you.

My game is incomplete (theres is some comments what I was doing) …
contributions are wellcome about my codes … if any wish to reuse them feell free to use.

Thanks once

Claudio (cc)

Ps: Jan, congratulations to keep the swipl alive for a long time…

Hi …

Due some people interested in this code I needed to remove it from GitHub. In the future, some predicates on matrix will be availble, that used in this game.

Thanks for your patiente