I am looking for the Code Examples for Bratko's Prolog Programming for AI 4th ed

Does anyone here have the code example files that are meant to be distributed with Bratko’s Prolog Programming for AI 4th ed. ? They are not available for download on the publishers website and when I reached out to them they blew me off and told me to contact Bratko directly.

And did email him but he never got back to me. I imagine he might get a bazillion lunatic emails which he ignores and maybe mine didn’t make it through the filters.

Anyone have these all they could share?

[posting this in a few places to cast a wide net, my apologies if you see this message twice]

No, thank you, but you’ve misunderstood. I am not looking for the code for the exercises but rather easily downloadable code for the examples in the chapters. Someone has kindly sent me their copy so I am now all set.

Hey Adam, I have been desperately looking for the code accompanying the book, even emailed the author from his homepage university address but to no avail so far. Can you please kindly send me a copy? Thanks in advance. Regards.

This code is over a dozen years old at this point. It was intended to be distributed freely by the publisher, but has been unavailable for a long time. I am unsure of any license around it, but figure it should be safe to post to GitHub at this point. If there is any objection by the author or publisher I will take it down.

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Thank you very much, Adam. :wink: