Looking for introductory textbooks on AI that include Prolog


I am looking for suggestions about introductory textbooks on AI that also discuss logic/Prolog. More specifically i would like a book that is suitable for an introductory uni course, is not so technical and also contains a discussion of ethics in AI.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach is a great book but to technical for the current scope. I have also been browsing Useful Prolog references, but any additional suggestions are very welcome (I am aware that the criteria are somewhat restrictive).

Kind regards, JCR

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There’s Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence by Ivan Bratko that I like very much. But it’s not the same type of AI material you’d find elsewhere, meaning it mostly deals with various reasoning tasks rather than data fitting with artificial neural nets, support vector machines and alike.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Yes I was looking for something more general.

You might try searching WorldCat for certain topics

Artificial Intelligence

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Thanks for the suggestion!