Animated SLD resolution tools?

I’m looking for a tool that performs a catchy animation of SLD resolution. It mainly needs to impress :slight_smile: In the end I need it for s(CASP), but having it for normal SLD is a good start. Ideally something that runs in the browser, but I’m also happy with an implementation that can be used for inspiration rather than reuse.

Is this in the ballpark of what you seek?

This was done using Cytoscape.js

The code for the animated-bfs example is on GitHub

D3 can also do animations, I have no practical experience with D3 so can only mention it.

Thanks. I think I’d like something a bit more fancy :slight_smile: As said, it is not so much about the technology. I guess it is more how you incrementally show the tree (with possibly rather long texts for the nodes) and what you do if the tree gets too large for the screen.

See the tab « Derivation tree vizualisation »

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Thanks. Should have looked at that :slight_smile: I’d like to see real animation and deal with larger problems though, i.e., the older stuff should probably “fade away” or “zoom out”.

Zhixuan Lai and Alessandro Warth at CDG labs LA wrote an absolutely beautiful “SLD animator”

Here it is:


Curious if you came to a conclusion in this, @jan. I’ve been thinking about something similar recently, in the context of debugging.