Announcing swipl-nix - replies

Hey @maren, thank you for the contribution! It could be useful I think if you want to expand a bit on when to use this instead of installing swipl from the nixpkgs repo.

Hi meditans, nice to see you here too :slight_smile: .

I’m one of the developers of terminusdb. In the past, we’ve had several instances where we could not just upgrade to the latest stable. It is an unfortunate reality that things aren’t always as backwards compatible as we’d like. So having a flake with all versions is useful to us. At least, I imagine it will be, as I haven’t actually packaged terminusdb for nix yet.

For the development versions, it can be very useful to be able to switch between versions to see where regressions might have happened. This is how I regularly used swivm in the past as well.

Most people should just get their swipl from nixpkgs. or swivm.

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Amazing, thank you for the clarification!

I’m happy to report that the first refresh with a new tag actually worked.

nix run github:matko/swipl-nix#devel will now give you 9.3.8 :slight_smile: