Any success using the debugger with the VSC Prolog extension in Visual Studio Code


I really like working with Visual Studio Code and the VSC Prolog extension. Generally things are fine. But when I try to run the debugger I get a “Invalid variable attributes” error.

I have setup a launch.json with the correct runtime executable (under “runtimeExecutable”) and a startup query that exists in the project folder (under “startupQuery”).

I am on MacOS.

Is debugging with VSC Prolog working for you?


I use Visual Studio Code for Windows with the VSC-Prolog plugin which seems to be designed to do debugging (ref) but actually prefer using the SWI-Prolog for graphical tracer for debugging.

Maybe one of these days I will switch.

If VSC-Prolog plugin also added a Test Explorer UI (ref) then there would be an ever more pressing need/desire to switch.

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I agree. It is very useful :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if the VSC Prolog plugin for VSC will be updated in the future…

I do know the plugin creator, Arthur Wang, has an account here and might respond. You can always grab the code and tweak it as needed or report an issue.

I also meet the error in Ubuntu.