Could someone share examples how to call Prolog as a server from Excel as a client?


Hi, I am looking for examples to use Excel for data collection and use Prolog for data analysis. It looks to me DDE can work.

Thank you for your helps in advance.


Hi John,

I don’t have the code anymore (unfortunately), but many years ago I did actually do exactly that – have excel as a data entry tool with swi-prolog doing some analyses, and the connect work via DDE.

this was for a particular swi-prolog version and a windows version – perhaps windows xp.

So, i can only tell you that it worked.



Hi Daniel,
Thanks for response. With Google search, I can find examples about communication between Excel and SWI prolog, such as read or write Cells. Or resiger a DDE server with Prolog, and examples to call the DDE server inside SWI-prolog. All doesn’t meet my need – Excel VBA to call Prolog and run.

I am thinking to setup HTTP server with SWI-prolog, then let Excel to visit the server to trigger Prolog to do something. Have you ever done it?



I’m interested in such links. Do report if you find interesting ways to connect the programs. In my current development I use Excel as a data source/sink via C#, and connect C# with SWI by HTTP, but in these cases Excel is a passive participant and there are no live triggers.


Perhaps a way to go is write a real excel plugin in C# …

I think thats the route i took, rather than macro / vb code development …