Ctrl-D doesn't work in 8.2.1 for win64 on Windows 10

Just a noob here trying prolog :slight_smile:
Installed the latest 64 package from https://www.swi-prolog.org/download/stable/bin/swipl-8.2.1-1.x64.exe.envelope
Following the tutorial after typing in [user]. plus some command, trying to exit via Ctrl-D but it doesn’t seem to work.
Guess I am missing something?

Have you tried end_of_file.? (ref)

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Thanks! end_of_file. works

To send EOF on Windows you can also type Ctrl+Z.

Unfortunately, Ctrl-Z does nothing on my side

Oh, I see why now, silly me.
I was using native windows command line rather than swipl.exe GUI.
Indide swipl both Ctrl-D and Ctrl-Z work

Also I was using VSC-Prolog plugin in VSCode where the Ctrl-D and Ctrl-Z also don’t work in the terminal

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