Dead packs

I tried to test pack rtp_qsndqs today, it depends on pack type_check. It turns out the URL where type_check was hosted has been completely stripped of all content, the base URL only showing the default server page.

Assuming that this isn’t just a temporary glitch, is there some kind of process for removing such packs? What about those that are dependent upon them?

Also, the url for the tor pack is completely dead. Anyone has a copy of the tor pack? It has contributions by well recognized people in the prolog community, so if someone can upload it to gitlab it would be great.

Looks like the last version in the Wayback Machine is 1.0.2:


I am having the same problem. The rtp_qsndqs pack is fine, and it works when I manually remove the typecheck code. Does the pack server keep the copy of each pack/version?

Btw. I’ve found the original pack is still available at


You can also find the sources at

The documentation for pack_install is slightly misleading; after I downloaded to my Downloads directory, I could install it with
?- pack_install(type_check, [url('file:///home/peter/Downloads/')]).

This also worked (reply “n” to the question “Verify package status (anonymously)”):
?- pack_install(type_check, [url('')]).