New pack versions

Hi there,

while installing pack func today, I’ve noticed that fresh SWI Prolog install has asked me if I want to install from my own fork - I thought it was some crazy magic happening, but it seems my fork got picked up as new version and is listed at "func" pack for SWI-Prolog

Did this happen automatically or did someone manually add it?

I am curious, because if this happens automatically, it’s a huge security issue, because anybody could make a fork of any pack, bump the version and insert arbitrary code.

Oops. Turned out you could get a new download location registered by changing the install type from archive to git or the other way around. I patched that hole.

I guess the new download for func should be removed?

It’s a tiny bugfix for an edge case I encountered, but I’m not 100% confident that it doesn’t break anything so I’d remove it :slight_smile:

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