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Are you aware of Quick Load Files (QLF) ?

Timing examples

hi Eric, no I just read it out now for the first time the QLF, it can be interesting,

we read in Data files which are in prolog format, at the moment we read it line by line, with read_term from the current stream

the idea is also with prolog that If you place the Cuts ( !-sign ) in the right places, that it becomes equally as fast as procedural languages

I studied the Tabling also but I assume that it doesnt speed up our case because we only do very straight inferences

In one of my applications, the same one that is used with the QLF timings, the data is stored in a proprietary format that is parsed with DCGs and converted to Prolog facts. During the creation of the facts, they are checked and converted to files using library(persistency) (Provide persistent dynamic predicates). The fact files as *.pl are converted to *.qlf as noted in timing reference.

Since the data is only published monthly there is no need to quickly convert the data but because there are 10s of these very large files (think SQL tables) they need to load fast.