Do EDCG have a predicate indicator notation?

Regular Prolog predicates (:-) have an indicator notation of

<name>/<arity> (ref)

or with a module


DCG (-->) have an indicator notation of


When using EDCG (-->>) is there a special notation for them?

I am thinking of something like

hex_dump/4 + input/2 + output/2

where /4 is the visible arguments and input/2 is for the hidden input accumulator and output/2 is for the hidden output accumulator.

I have not used the single arguments (pass_info/3) of EDCG yet, but am thinking it will obviously be like

hex_dump/4 + input/2 + output/2 + value_spacing/1 + section_spacing/1

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I don’t think that there’s a standard notation. I’ve been using name//<arity>[accum1,accum2,...] but the regular tools don’t like that. (The list of accumulators is the same as used by edcg:pred_info/3.)