Do I see GMP memory usage in Thread Monitor?

Trying to track down memory impact on bigint arithmetic.
Do I see GMP memory usage in Thread Monitor?
What is the meaning of the colors on Windows:

Now I have a hypothesis, the different colors are the
different memory segments inside a thread? But what
is the color encoding, is this documented?

Probably same information like here (or the dict variant):

statistics(+Key, -Value)

But which keys? How does GMP live in these memory segments?

If you use the File/Settings menu you see what the colors mean. Big numbers are allocated on the global stack. That is why GC works; there is nothing special about them wrt GC.

Does it show Local, Global and Trail stacked? I don’t think so.

There is a bug in the drop down menus. If you have two screens,
it doesn’t show the drop down menu on the same screen, as where
I have the Thread Monitor open. So first I couldn’t see the menu.

But ok, it shows me: