Does s(CASP) have a source(false) option?

@jan mentioned on GitHub that the s(CASP) library might have an option to turn off source location reporting in its output, he suggested source(false). I can’t find any mention of it in the source code. Can anyone advise?

This is a potential work-around for a problem with MQI where it throws an error if the toplevel returns a blob. That problem may be solved, soon, too, so not urgent.

I think Jan may have been referring to the source(Boolean) option of html_justification_tree//2, which controls whether or not the produced justification will contain source locations.

This option wasn’t documented, I’ve opened DOC: mention option source(Boolean) in html_justification_tree//2 by eshelyaron · Pull Request #1 · SWI-Prolog/sCASP · GitHub to address that.

But note that this only controls whether the source locations are used, not whether the clause references are included in the Prolog representation of the justification tree to begin with, so I’m not sure setting this option to false will help workaround the MQI issue.

Just pushed a patch that adds source(false) to scasp/2, so you can do this to get a justification tree without source information.

?- scasp(Goal, [tree(Tree), source(false)])

Thanks. Merged.