Hoot! new forum


just trying it out. hmm… ok, has to be 20 chars


Will this work like a mailinglist? I mean will I get mails from this forum or do I need to come and check it every now and then?
Just curious, doesn’t matter either way.


I believe you can set up email subscriptions either on a per-thread basis by clicking the box at the bottom (that reads “Normal” by default) and by going to settings > preferences > email, you can configure it so you get digest emails when you don’t visit & email notifications of threads you’re watching.

Edit: oh, and there’s even a “mailing list mode” setting in the preferences, where it won’t try to be smart about what to show you or not.


Suggestion: add to the “welcome” message a pointer to the Google Groups forum because there’s a lot of good information there. (Unless you can somehow import the old forum into discourse.group).


Turns out we have limited choices for how to do that, so I pinned a topic with the pointer.


I found a script to download the entire Google group. That is running as we speak. Discourse has a nice API. My plan is to upload the old forum to a dedicated category. Not sure that will work, e.g., whether or not we can restore the threads in the topics sufficiently. If all fails we can still just put it online in a place where it is properly indexed.