Re: [SWIPL] Re: Mail list


Hi Nicos,

Thanks for your input. I’m Cc’ing the new location of the forum. It is
now kindly hosted for free at Yes, a nice Prolog based
solution would be great and we have a lot of the stuff to build it from.
Still, I doubt we have the resources to get and keep this working.

Discourse seems to be a clean and open system. We now have three admins
(James Cache, Anne Ogborn and me), so I think we are in good shape.

Cheers --- Jan


Any chance you could set the background in the new forum to something non-white – the off-white of other forum was easier on the eyes :slight_smile:




Open settings and there you can set the theme. I guess that means you need to be logged in.


The SWI-Prolog logo text on the home page doesn’t seem to play nicely with the dark theme though… :wink: Are themes configurable? If yes, we can contribute with one between light and dark as well.


Yup, admins can edit the themes – I can try to create a sort of in-between one. I was noticing that issue with the logo in dark mode too, I’ll try to address that.


Okay, the logo text should show up (albeit with the logo looking a little funny :grimacing:) in dark mode & I’ve also made a “neutral” theme that is hopefully an acceptable middle-ground.


I think it looks cool now! Thanks! :sunglasses:


If you can create an off-white theme like the original google forum one, that would be great.

I am still trying to get used to the dark theme and the white one is too bright for my eyes.


Can you try the “Neutral” theme & let me know what you think of that?


Yes, its better – interestingly its really only the top “ribbon” that is darker.




I looked around the group settings, but could not see it. May have missed it.

Is there a way of getting a digest of the group to my email? I found it easy to skim the daily emails from the old group and would love to be able to do the same with this one. Logging in to sites is not always convenient from an iPhone since it requires re-entering passwords often (no - I specifically do not use a password manager deliberately).

Kind regards

Derek Jones.


In Preferences/Emails, there is “Activity Summary” and next to the tickbox it reads, “When I don’t visit here, send me an email summary of popular topics and replies”. It is not immediately obvious what it really does. Have you tried this yet?


I missed that. Thank you! I will try it.

Kind regards