New Theme selector. Let me know if it is causing problems

I just added a new theme to select between Light and Dark. While it works and there is a notice in the backgrounds it may be causing some of you problems.

In upper right look for image

If so I will have to remove it or figure out if changing a few setting can fix it.

Let me know.

work great for me, and i like the dark theme.

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It might be related to a problem I have on Safari for iOS. I do not see the top pane any longer and when I try to open a thread I do not see any of the messages in it. Has anything else changed in the last few days?

This is not too bad, I shouldn’t waste my time on my phone anyway, so if no one else is experiencing problems just ignore this.

(This started a couple of days ago. I have no idea how to debug Safari on a phone and I have no time to look into it. I am totally fine with just ignoring this, I can use my computer to read and write on Discourse.)

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Certain things like the header bar are configured differently when viewed on a phone. The base Discourse with out user added plug-ins and themes obviously works as expected. When adding themes, those that create the themes have a lot to consider such as how will it work with different Internet browsers, how should it work on a laptop, desktop, or phone. What if the phone is in portrait or landscape mode, etc. While themes primarily work with JavaScript and CSS, themes also need to be aware of how it may affect e-mail users.

Sometimes a balance can not be reached.

I personally use Discourse almost excessively from the web and on a laptop but will try it out in other ways if someone is having a problem and I can match the configuration.

When I add themes I make announcements so that others know of the changes but as we are hosted by Discourse they update the software almost weekly and without notice. It occurs so often and with a long list of changes that I don’t even try to track it. I do visit the Discourse forum regularly and so hear about any major disruptions but as we are hosted by Discourse, they take care of these problems as I have no ability to upgrade/downgrade or install plugins. We can only install themes.

I only installed the theme less than an hour before this post.

So I guess this is a “won’t fix”. Not a big issue.

The theme (discourse-theme-switcher) does not have any configuration settings that I can adjust for you or anyone else. I can only install it or remove it for everyone. As it is a component theme I can also choose which base themes it is installed and the rule we typically follow here is simple, all the base themes get all the installed component themes.

Base themes:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Neutral

Component themes:

  • Auto linkify Prolog predicates
  • Auto linkify words
  • DiscoTOC
  • Header Links Theme Component
  • Raw Post Button
  • Discourse Theme Switcher

Most of the component themes are demonstrated here

When I first used the theme and switched back and forth a few times in testing, the light was not light but the dark theme which was my default theme. So the selector was effectively Dark or Dark.

While the theme button may say Light and Dark it seems to be user default theme and a dark theme selected by the theme creator, I believe it is Alien Night

To remedy this I changed my default theme to Light and now it works as I would like.

To change your default theme

  1. Click on your user icon in the upper right
  2. Click on you user name on the left in the drop down.
  3. Click on Preferences
  4. On the left click on Interface
  5. Set Theme to Light


  1. At the bottom click Save Changes
  2. Reload page so change can take place.



Just learned a new trick.

Here is a direct link to the theme selector page.

Normally links to specific user pages have u/<user name> in the URL, but changing that to my makes it generic for everyone to use.

I am having problems too, messages that I never read are marked as read immediately (they are not bold anymore) and I have not changed anything in my settings.

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The only change I have made in the last several days is to add the theme selector in the header bar. As I noted Discourse does updates almost weekly and not on a standard schedule.

@jamesnvc did some updates to Auto linkify Prolog predicates but I don’t see how that would cause your problem; AFAIK that only adds links to words within a specific post, it has nothing to do with the list of posts

View the page with the selector set to Light and see if that does what you seek.

If that doesn’t work then check your default theme as noted in an earlier post and change it to Light

If that does not resolve it then I am looking into adding a theme that has no added component themes as a fall back for testing but for me adding base themes is more of an art than a science as I don’t know exactly how to add a base theme. I am actually more comfortable adding component themes.

I am still not set on leaving the theme selector in the header and is why I have not updated the test page. I am also considering removing the theme selector in the header and trying Hamburger Theme Selector.

Everyone just keep sending the feedback so I can make informed decisions.

Alright, I thought I am just forgetful but I have seen the same.

My first suspicion @EricGT would not be anything you have done, but a regression in some JS library, if things have been recently updated.

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I don’t know if this is related but another user in another forum noted a similar change.

Yes, I don’t think this has anything to do with the themes, but some other problem.

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After reading this post at the Discourse Forum I have removed the component theme discourse-theme-switcher and installed the similar to use component theme Hamburger Theme Selector. I do miss the selector being in the header bar.

Since @grossdan and I liked the Alien Night theme I have added that as a base theme.

Don’t forget to send the feedback. I don’t read minds. :wink:

My problem with the unread topics is fixed now, I guess it was a theme problem after all.

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For those who are curious to see other base themes, the Discourse Forum also uses the Hamburger Theme Selector but has many more base themes installed.

If you find one you would like added, just ask, but be aware that they are not always by experienced and through programmers and may have bugs. Also I will not support or run down problems you find with these themes, you will have to contact the creator directly. I will update the theme here if a theme creator puts in a fix.

The unread topics fixed for me too (latest Firefox on Linux).

The other problem on Safari on iOS persists but really not an issue for me personally.

Thank you @EricGT for all the help!