Post for testing installed component themes and plugins AKA test page


Hamburger Theme Selector

In the upper right of the page you will see the hamburger button image which is part of your header links image

When the hamburger button is clicked a drop down appears. One of the groups of links are for the user selectable base themes, e.g.

In the image above Light is the currently selected base theme. Clicking on a different name should select a different base theme.

Component Themes

Iconified Header Links

In the upper right of the page you should see the in-box image which links to your personal mail-box and is part of your header links, i.e.


Linkify words in post


Each of the 4 lines above should be clickable links.

Auto linkify Prolog predicates


Each of the 3 lines above should be clickable links.

DiscoTOC - automatic table of contents

On the right you should see a table of contents for this page.
If you see just the word Tests then scroll the content of the post down and more of the entries should appear. The subentries expand/collapse as the context section moves corresponding to the table of content.


The entries in the table of contents on the right are also links that should work.
When you mouse over a section name in the post, image will appear at the end and the link can typically be copied in most Internet browsers via the right click context menu.

Raw post button

Discourse makes use of Markdown for simple editing of post. Sometimes you see a complex post and want to know the Markdown used before text is converted (cooked) into HTML.

At the end of a post/reply is the raw button image for displaying the raw text. You will have to click the ellipsis image to see the raw button exposed. Clicking the raw button will display

Note: The above is an image capture so the scroll bar will not work.


Discourse Math Plugin


Inline math is done by wrapping text with the $ symbol like so $E=MC^2$ renders as


Above line should look like


Blocks of math are done by wrapping text in a double $$ sign.


renders as


The above line should look like



Math is done by wrapping text with a % sign

sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2

renders as

sum_(i=1)^n i^3=((n(n+1))/2)^2

The above line should look like



This presents an additional button as an icon at the footer of a post for any post after the first, the first is considered the question, any post after the first is considered a possible answer.

In the second post below you should see the Solution button. It has been selected.

When a post has a selected solution it is displayed in the list of post having image before the name, e.g.



A spoiler is created using the Markdown tag spoiler


[spoiler]This is blurred by the spoiler[/spoiler]

renders as

This is blurred by the spoiler

The above line should look like this when it has not been selected (mouse click)

and when selected like this

Notes: This does not work in e-mails

Note for site admins.

If there is something wrong with the page

  • Try a browser refresh
  • Check that the plugins are enabled.
  • Rebake the page
  • Try a hard browser refresh
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Example of accepted solution.

Example of post that has not been selected as the solution.