Mailing List Mode ... Color Settings for the MailList in Thunderbird (E-Mail Application)

I use a dark styled ThunderBird (a E-Mail Client) with SWIPL-Discourse Abo for new Articles.
All is Done - I get Articles in short Time, and I can read the Text from the Poster’s.

The Problem is, that, when a citation or other inline Content is sent to my E-Mail, the inline-Box’s
have white Background, and a white Text Color.
So, it is impossible to read the Text in the inline Boxes.

I can select an other Theme (light Mode), to see the Text in the inline Boxes.
But after I read the Mail, I have to switch back to dark Mode.
Because, the light Mode of ThunderBird is too havy.

So, my Request is: How can I change this (that the inline Boxes has dark Text on white BoxColor) ?

It appears that you might need to identify the root cause of the issue, which I suspect could originate from either Thunderbird (a tool I’m not familiar with) or Discourse. Once you pinpoint the source of the problem, it would be best to address the matter directly with the responsible party.

If there’s anyone else here who has encountered a similar situation, they might be able to provide a solution. However, your chances of connecting with someone experienced in this matter would likely be higher on the Discourse Meta forum, where such discussions are common and support is readily available.

Of note is that this site is hosted by Discourse so the Discourse forum software is kept up to date.


here are two ScreenShot’s


Thank you for sharing the images.

I’ve reviewed the user settings, and unfortunately, I couldn’t identify any options that could be adjusted to resolve this issue.

Regarding the admin level setting, I did come across:


However, I’m not entirely certain about its purpose. I’ve chosen not to make any changes here, as there’s a possibility that altering it might have unintended consequences for other users.

In terms of the admin setting, I had anticipated a similar option for dark mode, in addition to the one specified which seems is for light or regular mode. It’s possible that this might have been overlooked during the development of Dark Themes for Discourse. Nevertheless, I’m maintaining my decision to refrain from making any adjustments on this platform.

If anyone within this community has encountered and resolved this issue, their insights would be greatly appreciated. Nonetheless, I believe your most effective course of action would involve consulting the Discourse Meta forum. I did briefly explore that avenue, but since I lack familiarity with Thunderbird and don’t intend to install it solely for investigation purposes, I’m regrettably unable to provide further assistance at this juncture.

I have a Solution to the described Problem…
I created some ScreenShot Step by Step Instructions

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Result of all

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Please could you add an English description of these steps? My German (assuming that’s your language) isn’t good enough to work out all the details.

Thanks for posting, as I have the same issue.

P.S. Odd to see my own post in your final screenshot!

German: Einstellungen
English: Settings

German: Allgemein
English: Generally

German: Schriftarten und Farben
English: font and colors

German: Hintergrund
English: Background

German: Systemfarben verwenden
English: Use system colors

German: Ausgewählte Farben anstatt der Farben des Inhalts verwenden
English: Use selected colors instead of content colors

German: Immer
English: Always

While I did the above by hand you might also find Google Image Translation useful.

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I’ve seen this issue in other places as well.

The basic problem is that the people who write the code to produce the HTML/CSS for emails usually do a poor job of it. The most common mistake, and what I suspect is happening here, is that they will set the foreground colour without setting the background colour or vice-versa. When they test, they only test on their own settings, and if you’re using (say) the light theme, this will look fine. They usually forget to check on a different theme, which is when you run into problems like this.

I doubt Discourse gives you enough flexibility to control this completely, and even if they did, it would be a big job. It’s really down to the basic CSS styles they set up.

Whilst the solution posted here appears to work, it’s actually setting global styles for Thunderbird, which will affect all messages, not just ones from this group. I went through this some time back, and never found a good solution with dark mode.